Trick-Or-Treat & The Classic Kiss

As our time in the states continues, and the holidays approach, a touch of silver lining is participating in the traditional festivities we might not get on the island.

Halloween is totally different on St. Thomas, there’s really no such thing as trick or treating, and no matter your costume, it’s WAY too hot. I was so excited to get both girls dressed up and take them door to door in my moms neighborhood. Really wish Danny could have stayed one more day to watch miss Denver on her first trick or treat experience.

I’ve been planning Denver’s costume for over a year now, so I was really excited. She wore a Hershey’s Kiss costume that I wore 26 years ago, my mom handmade it for me in 1990 and kept it all these years. So, of course I had to put D in it, and what’s a Hershey’s Kiss with out an Almond Kiss side kick, que baby Ray. My mom made Rays Golden Kiss costume as well, I didn’t help much, except for the lettering on the hats and let’s be real, I made the cute babies in the costumes!




I may have been the first to wear the costume, but almost every little girl we knew, borrowed and wore it too. Once I put these pictures on social media, photos from all the moms of their daughters in the kiss costumes started to surface. I love that this kiss costume has a special meaning for so many and hopefully Denver can put her kids in it too!

Kelsey, 1990

Here’s a few snap shots of our family friends in the classic kiss costume…

Sara, 1991
Audrey, 1993
Alexa, 2009
Claire, 1994

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween and a fabulous October, now bring on Christmas (yes I’m that girl!)

xo, Kelsey


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