Category 4

Another day another category. Our worlds are pretty much revolving around Irma (which is bogus, I have two much nicer girls I’d like my world to revolve around, hurricane Denver is easier to clean up after too). Danny was out of the house by 6am, and our landlord and his crew were at our door. Every window on the front of our house are boarded up with ply wood, they are coming back tomorrow to board the French doors in our bedroom and clear any debris outside our house. 

When Irma passes over us it’s said to hit as a cat 4- the same magnitude that Houston got hit with and the biggest hurricane this island has seen in a long time. The last hurricane that hit STT was in 1995, only a cat  2 – and a lot of the island was out of power for months. Right now were looking to be a little less that 50 miles away from the eye, which, of course is said to be the worst part. 

I always heard about hurricanes, lots of rum, lots of fun (because it was usually just a break from work and a lot of rain)- but my how your mentality changes when there are two little ones in your home. We keep going over the worst case senarios. Like what if the generator goes out and we’re really out of power, what if the roof flies off, where do we go and what do we do? These are the worst possible things that are going through my mind. The actual storm will only last a day, if that, it’s the aftermath, the weeks without power that is the scary part. 

We’re as ready as we can be, and we have a plan set. Danny is going to go out and get a couple last minute things and put some finishing touches on the house. Today I prepped food for Denver and got every towel in the house ready to go. Our plan is to hunker down in the master bedroom. If our generator stays on, we have a DVD player & AC, Denver will sleep with us, and Ray has her bassinet in our room.   

It’s hard to be nervous because I have no idea what to expect, and Danny is very calm about it all which makes me calm too. It just puts things in perspective, having to get everything that’s irreplaceable in this small waterproof safe, just in case. But my biggest concern is how the girls are going to react. I literally just want to squeeze them both and ensure them that we will protect them no matter what. Will the wind and storm scare them? I know it will scare me. So many variables, that’s really the nerve wreaking part. 

Irma is said to show her face at 8pm on Wednesday night (at least that’s when the eye of the storm will pass), so the weather will start much earlier.

Keep us in your thoughts and hope for the best possible outcome 🤞🏼



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