‘California here we come’

Well, We’re Moving, TOMORROW!

Danny got a Job opportunity within his company and we are headed to San Francisco! In true form, we are moving very quickly (we’ve known for less than a month), but we are so excited!

I currently have a 40 foot container in my driveway with most of my belongings on it, the rest will be loaded today and it will sail the Panama Canal to Oakland for the next month! In the mean time the fam and I are loading up and heading to Colorado to stay with family! Mainly we are bracing ourselves to go form 80 degrees to 12, but who’s counting? I’m honestly excited to get a little cold weather in my life!

The consistent question is if we are excited… we have been living the island life for a long time now, we grew up here, we made a family here, we went through life altering events here, but we couldn’t be more thrilled. This Adventure started with Me, Danny and a one way ticket. Now that the girls are getting bigger we are so excited to get them in a place with more opportunities and family than they could ever want! And I am not mad about being an hour from wine country!

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So I just wanted to get a few words down about the move- we are ready for a brand new adventure! Follow along on the gram for all the cold weather posts!



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  1. OH Kelsey, It was wonderful to meet you and I wish you all the best with this next chapter. Will you be retaining your social media clients on STX?

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