We’re Moving

Yes, you read that right. We are not going very far, but we are moving. We are headed to St. Croix- just a hop, skip and an ocean away from St. Thomas. If you don’t know, St. Croix is still part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, so really not many changes for us as far as the way of life. We will still live that island life, just on a different island. It is a little ways away from St. Thomas- a 20-minute seaplane or 2-hour ferry ride away. Danny has always described the three islands like St. Thomas is the city, St. John is the suburbs and St. Croix is the country, it’s bigger, a little more rural and where a lot of the farming/ rum making happens!!

Because Danny is being transferred for work, the move is happening very quickly. We found out we were going a little over a week ago and we will be moving at the end of February. It’s kind of unbelievable, and I don’t think it will completely set in until we’re on a plane. We LOVE St. Thomas, but we are excited to experience what a new island has to offer. I still can’t believe we are leaving a house we’ve been in for almost 7 years. The house where Danny proposed, where we returned after our honeymoon, where we brought home Denver and Ray from the hospital. The house we survived two hurricanes in, the house where we became a family. I will miss this house and everything about it, but honestly, we’ve outgrown it and the thought of a little more space on STX sounds pretty good to me!

I’ve spent the last week finding new doctors, new schools and making new arrangements. Slowly packing what feels like a lifetime worth of STUFF and making the moves to get things done. The stress of moving comes in waves, but I’m just glad we are getting it accomplished before I’m too pregnant to think. Looking forward to a new adventure, here we come St. Croix.

xo, Kelsey

two pieces of artwork I spotted on Instagram that have gotten me through this craziness.



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