Trunk or Treat

Happy almost Halloween! Last night we had our celebration at Suga Mama’s Bakery‘s Trunk or Treat! It was the first time we’ve done this, so I was super excited! I decided months ago to dress the girls as ice cream cones, so I ran with the theme and we made Denver + Ray’s I SCREAM shoppe! I figured all we needed was a little pink and white awning, ice cream flavors and some balloons!

My hubby loved it because he got to deck out his truck, another reason to wash it on a Sunday afternoon! He built the awning and painted the chalkboard! I also added ice cream pints with crappy flavors!

The balloons are by Studio Pep and I put the candy in the girls Easter baskets from Target. I had Modern Birch make little cake toppers to label the candy flavors!

The girls costumes were super easy and fun to put together! June and January is the perfect place to start! I got both their outfits from there during a big sale a few months ago! I found peel and stick chocolate chips from Studio DIY for Denver’s mint chocolate chip, I attached pom pom cherries to her shoes and had Little Blue olive make a custom cone hat! For Ray I made her sprinkles out of ribbon that I cut and glued, I made a giant cherry head piece and boom- ice cream cones!

Another Halloween for the books! Thank you Suga Mama’s for putting together such a fun event for the little ones!



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