Back to School

Denver Starts back at school on Monday. I really can’t believe it’s almost September!!

After doing a little ‘warm up’ at school this summer, I feel much better going into the school year. Denver already knows and loves her teachers (so do I) and not only does she already have friends at school, even more of here friends are starting on Monday as well. I also know the ropes now- and what she needs everyday.

She is only 2.5 so she doesn’t need much, but one thing I noticed was anything I sent with her always came back with a label the teachers made to know it belonged to Denver. So, I thought I would make it easier on them and label everything my self. Mostly her lunch boxes and water bottles that can easily be mixed up with other kids!

I found these awesome labels from Name Bubbles. You get to pick a custom design and add their name. I loved this colorful rainbow and her name is mint (you even get to pick the font!) The best part is they make specific labels for everything. The basic name labels are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe- so perfect for anything lunch box related. The clothing label is tiny and machine washable. This is perfect for the change of clothes I send with her, and her special bows- a tiny sticker on the back and done. I plan to use the clothing labels when the girls are wearing similar sizes, you’ll never forget what belongs to who. And finally the shoe labels- they are SO cute how they split the rainbow in half, I put these right inside the shoe, and they are waterproof so they’ll hold up to anything!

Because we’re in the VI and don’t really need fall clothes to go back to school, we just got a couple new things for the new year. Give me all the sale Old Navy dresses and these adorable Rifle Paper Keds! I couldn’t start Denver back at school without a themed bow. Justella Handmade makes this pencil bow and I’m waiting for her newest collection in the mail!

I will also send Denver with a few teacher gifts on the first day. Just something small and fun I know they’ll use. I went to Walgreens and picked up some colorful post-its, hand sanitizer, chap stick and new pens, I added a pretty tag and ribbon, and that’s it. I also included a ‘Teacher’s Favorite Things‘ form I found from Jordan & Co (head to her blog to get your copy. They fill it out about themselves- like their favorite coffee drink, flower, and birthday, so we are prepared for the holidays and the last day of school!

I’m so excited for Denver to get back into the flow of school, she’s been asking for her teachers the entire break, and I can’t wait to watch her learn and grow!



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